Friday, March 29, 2013

NCAA Sweet 16: Friday's Games

Boy... when you're wrong, you're wrong.

Only one Thursday game went as picked, as Ohio State made their way past the Arizona Wildcats.  Everything else wasn't just picked wrong, it was badly forecasted.

The saying is when you fall of the horse, you need to get back on it, and that's what we're doing as four more games are on the schedule for tonight.  Remember, we will be airing tonight's games on 1410 CBS Sports Radio.

Midwest: (12) Oregon vs. (1) Louisville - 7:15PM (CBS)
Preview coming soon.

South: (4) Michigan vs. (1) Kansas - 7:37PM (TBS)
Preview coming soon.

Midwest: (3) Michigan State vs. (2) Duke - 9:45PM (CBS)
Preview coming soon.

South: (15) Florida-Gulf Coast vs. (3) Florida - 10:07PM (TBS)
Preview coming soon.

We'll recap the Thursday games when we preview the Elite 8 games tomorrow.  As there will be no concurrent games, each game will air in its entirety on 1410 CBS Sports Radio.

Saturday's Elite 8 Games
East: (4) Syracuse vs. (3) Marquette - 4:30PM (CBS)
West: (9) Wichita State vs. (2) Ohio State - 7:05PM (CBS)

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