Thursday, September 19, 2013

NFL Week 3: Predictions

Week 3 in the NFL brings good games in the form of the early Houston/Baltimore match that could come into play later this season when seedings are up for grabs.  Miami gets a real test in the Atlanta Falcons, and the Bills/Jets could be a critical game for the Jets early in the season.

Our picks in GREEN, but take them with a grain of salt.  We'll provide a little analysis on these matchups, but just remember strange things can happen in the National Football League, and we're not responsible if you use our picks for betting purposes.

Thursday Sept. 19
Kansas City @ Philadelphia - Kansas City looks good, but don't count out Michael Vick and the Eagles just yet.  This could go either way, but if Kansas City does win, it will be another example of the weakness in the NFC East early on this season.

Sunday Sept. 22
(early games)
Green Bay @ Cincinnati - Green Bay has weapons.  Cincinnati has ... not sure what they have these days.
St. Louis @ Dallas - St. Louis has emerged to be the NFC counterpart of the Kansas City Chiefs, returning to winning ways after a few rough years.

San Diego @ Tennessee - Another game that could go either way.
Cleveland @ Minnesota - Giving away a running back for a NFL Draft pick... not sure if that's going to help the Browns in this game.  Or this season, too.
Tampa Bay @ New England - New England may have its miscues, but I don't see those miscues shining too proudly against a team that has collapsed twice in the closing minutes.

Arizona @ New Orleans - Speaking of one of those collapses, the team that had that scare against Tampa Bay better have used that as a wake-up call.

Detroit @ Washington - RG3 may improve, but not sure if it will be to the level needed to knock off the Lions this week.

NY Giants @ Carolina - NFC East weakness won't overcome a team that got deflated badly in the closing seconds of that Week 2 game against the Bills.

Houston @ Baltimore - Houston can come out of this game as a true AFC threat if they can knock off the Ravens.  But I'm not sure if the Texans will have the answers just yet.

(Late games)
Atlanta @ Miami - Miami may be 2-0, but will be in for a rude awakening when they find themselves face-to-face with strong NFC opposition.

Buffalo @ NY Jets - The Jets may have the home-field advantage, but the Bills are still sparkling after that last second win last week.

Indianapolis @ San Francisco - New running option will give Andrew Luck some better options.  And that can't be a bad thing when facing a team that was badly humiliated on Sunday Night Football

Jacksonville @ Seattle - Jacksonville won't be making a lot of noise against the team that has its crowd make all the noise for them.

(Sun night)
Chicago @ Pittsburgh - As long as the Steelers don't get in their own way, they should have a win on Sunday Night.

Monday Sept. 23
Oakland @ Denver - Denver looks like a team that could get a first-round bye.  Oakland doesn't.

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