Sunday, October 13, 2013

Buffalo Bills LIVE!

Circle the wagons!  The Buffalo Bills are at home this afternoon as they host the Cincinnati Bengals, trying to recover from the loss to the Cleveland Browns 10 days ago.  Be sure to listen with us on 1230 FOX Sports Radio and we'll talk about the game live on this blog.

Most recent updates are on the top:
It looks like Blogger gets upset at us when we do play-by-play updates like we had, so... guess we're going to plan 'B'.
After the punt, Cincinnati was able to win the game on the field goal.  On the broadcast, they credit the punt return, which was a good reason why the Bengals won, but you have to think that the three-and-out was the setup for the winning drive for the Bengals.  CIN 27 BUF 24, FINAL

Cincinnati wins the coin toss and gets the ball first.  They get into Buffalo territory, but cannot finish as they punt to the Bills.  But the Bills cannot do anything with the ball, and are forced to punt in the end zone.  Cincinnati returns the punt all the way to the 35 yard line.

4th Quarter
Well, the Bills are making things interesting, forcing overtime against the team that last week put the halt to Tom Brady's touchdown streak.  Thank Thad Lewis for that late touchdown strike that tied things up at 24-24.

3rd Quarter
The Bills respond with a three-and-out.  The game seems to be slipping away from the Bills, who had once led 7-3.

The Bills driving, then hit a brick wall when they fumbled on the opening drive.  Cincinnati was able to turn those into 7 points as Dalton had a lot of time to make things happen.  CIN 24 BUF 10, 3rd

2nd Quarter
Well, so much for that.  3 and out for Buffalo.  The punt goes out of bounds at the 1, but the refs call it a touchback. It would be overturned, but the Cincinnati Bengals just ran out the clock

After the two minute warning, big break for the Bills, who deferred and will get the opening kickoff in the 3rd Quarter, as Leonhard picks off Dalton for the interception with the ball in Buffalo territory.

Buffalo takes advantage of a 15 yard Personal Foul, and will now play in Cincinnati's territory.  This leads to a Field Goal. CIN 17 BUF 10, 2nd

Analysis: Yep.  That decision to go for it on 4th down now puts the Bills down two scores.  But the Bills lost control of this drive when the Bengals were able to make 3rd down easier for them deep in their own end with that 8 yard run.

9th Play - 1st & 10 at BUF 20 - Shovel Pass, Touchdown from Dalton to Bernard.  9 play, 98 yard drive for the Bengals.  CIN 17 BUF 7, 2nd

Analysis: Not sure I can fault the Buffalo coaching staff for going for it on 4th and G at the Cincinnati 1, but a field goal would have tied the game.  In retrospect, going for it may have cost the Bills.
16th play - 4th & G at CIN 1.  Thad Lewis pump-fakes.  Cannot get in.  Stopped at the CIN 2. CIN 10, BUF 7 - 13:41 2nd.
15th play - 3rd & G at CIN 1.  Jackson tries to leap but cannot cross.  Bills going for it on 4th Down.
14th play of this 74 yard drive.  2nd & G.  Fred Jackson stopped at the line.

1st Quarter
1:37PM - Buffalo Bills in the red zone, 1st & G at the CIN 2.  1st Quarter ENDS, CIN 10 BUF 7.

1:33PM - At this time, we're already halfway through the first as the Buffalo Bills trail 10-7.  Thad Lewis scored the touchdown for the Bills on a keeper draw.

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