Monday, November 25, 2013

Things you should know for Syracuse

Heading to Syracuse on Friday to see the Queensbury Spartans play?
Well, first, let's get you acquainted with the route to the Carrier Dome.
There are many routes you can take to get to Syracuse, but the one we took last year and is one of the recommended paths you can take is as follows:
  • Interstate 87 SOUTH to EXIT 15, NY 50 NY 29, Schuylerville/Saratoga Springs.  
  • Bear Right at the exit ramp onto Route 50 SOUTH (Saratoga Springs).
  • Proceed on Route 50 (and eventually Route 9) South about 2 miles until you reach Broadway at the four way traffic signal.
  • Continue straight when Routes 9 and 50 goes to the left into Downtown Saratoga Springs, heading towards Route 9N.
  • After passing the hospital, take a left onto West St, passing by the Train Station.
  • Take a right turn onto Route 29 West and continue about 20 miles West until you reach Route 30A in Johnstown.
  • Take a left, following Routes 29 and 30A.  When Route 29 turns right, continue on Route 30A South towards Fonda.
  • Follow Route 30A as it turns onto Route 5, then take a right, following signs for the New York State Thruway.  After crossing the bridge, take a left to head to the Thruway entrance.
  • Enter the Thruway, and proceed onto I-90 West towards Buffalo.
  • Take the Thruway to EXIT 36, I-81 Watertown/Binghamton
  • Exit the Thruway, pay toll ($4.75) and take I-81 SOUTH towards Syracuse/Binghamton
  • After merging onto I-81, look for EXIT 18 HARRISON ST/ADAMS ST, which is just after the massive exits with I-690.  Keep left after exiting to head towards ADAMS ST.  You will be driving underneath I-81 for about a 1/2 mile.  At ADAMS ST., take a left and start looking for signs for the Carrier Dome. 
  • A sign will be pointing you to turn RIGHT at IRVING ST.  Do so and continue for about 1/2 mile.  You will see the Carrier Dome on your left, parking will be on your right. 
In a nutshell:
  • ENTER the NY Thruway at EXIT 28, and take I-90 WEST to EXIT 36 ($4.75)
  • Take I-81 SOUTH to EXIT 18.  Keep left for ADAMS ST.
  • Take left at ADAMS ST.
  • Take right at IRVING ST. 
In addition to these directions, you can take I-87 SOUTH to Exit 12, and take NY Route 67 to Amsterdam, where you will enter the Thruway at EXIT 27.  Take I-90 WEST and follow above directions to Syracuse. [Toll: $5.15]
Or, you can take I-87 to I-90 WEST in Albany by entering at the EXIT 24 toll booth, then follow the above directions to Syracuse.  This requires less turning, but will cost the most [Toll: $6.35]

When you head home, you can save yourself 30 cents and by taking I-690 EAST to I-481 NORTH to I-90 EAST, entering the Thruway at EXIT 34A.  [Toll: to Exit 28 $4.45; 27 $4.85; 24 $6.05].  THIS IS NOT AN OPTION FOR HEADING TO SYRACUSE, AS EXIT 18 COMES BEFORE I-690 MERGES WITH I-81 SOUTH
PARKING - $10, paid upon entry to lot.
ADMISSION - $10 per person.  Ticket includes admittance to the Class D game at 12:00 noon.
  • The Class D game between Randolph and Chester is scheduled for 12:00 noon.  When the game is completed, they hand out awards to both teams, similar to how things were done following the Semifinal games at Kingston.  Only after all that is completed will a 30 minute warm-up period begin for the Class A game.  So the game may be advertised for 3:00 p.m., but could start a few minutes later than that if the earlier game runs long.
  • The Queensbury Spartans will be considered the home team for the game on Friday.  Therefore the Spartans will be wearing their home Blues.
  • From Queensbury, it will take approximately THREE HOURS to get to SYRACUSE.  Take that into consideration when planning your trip on Friday.
Have a safe trip and let's show a great support for the Queensbury Spartans on Friday!
And if you can't get to Syracuse, remember we'll have the broadcast live on 1230 FOX Sports Radio beginning at 2:45PM.

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