Monday, December 2, 2013

Queensbury's Defense Leaps To Title

On the three hour drive, we were talking about the game we were traveling to, and made the comment about how the game will be determined by defense.  Which is to say, Whatever defense made the biggest plays would be the one to emerge victorious.

We found this out 6 1/2 minutes into the game.

Williamsville North deferred the kick to Queensbury, and Queensbury's run-friendly offense found the end zone as Tim Voorhis ran it in on the opening drive, which took 5 1/2 minutes to complete.

Williamsville North was unable to solve the mystery of the Queensbury defense in the opening drive, going three and out.  A bad snap led to Kody Bruno blocking the punt, which was scooped up by Eric Wettersten in for the touchdown to make it 14-0, Queensbury.

Williamsville North was able to figure out the Spartans defense on their next drive, which included several passes from their quarterback, Ryan Majewski, as they tightened up the game with their score to make it 14-7.

After Queensbury expanded on their lead, Williamsville North had an opportunity to make the game closer.  A touchdown would pull them back within 7, with them getting the ball first in the 3rd Quarter.  But as time began to expire, a sack proved fatal as the Williamsville North Spartans were unable to get set before the half.

Then John Irion threw a gadget, as Queensbury started the third quarter by recovering an onside kick.  This may have provided the turning point, as the defense took over.  One of the biggest height differences that the North Spartans tried to exploit was on 5' 8" Tim Voorhis, who was a half-foot shorter than the main receivers for Williamsville North, but countless times the small Voorhis would get the leap he needed to ensure the receivers wouldn't get the catch.

Two interceptions would seal the deal, as the Queensbury Spartans won 36-7 to earn their first title in school history.  It was Coach Irion's 110th win at the helm for the Queensbury Spartans.  Queensbury is the only team from the east to claim a title this year.

The defense for Queensbury was relentless.  Tim Voorhis stopped countless passes, only once getting slapped with a Pass Interference call that was iffy at best.  Erick Wettersten and Brett Rodriguez stopped drives with their fumbles, and Frank Nassivera contributed with sacks and pressure on Ryan Majewski.

All that earns this Queensbury squad the role of the team others will be compared to for years to come.

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