Friday, May 16, 2014

Introducing the ...

The Calgary Flames press conference this morning at Heritage Hall in the Glens Falls Civic Center was filled with excited hockey fans, ready to show love for this new team that will be taking over the city come October.

Some of the highlights:
- The team will be named the Adirondack Flames, and their logo is going to consist of a modified version of the old Atlanta Flames logo from the 1970's.

- Season Tickets go on sale today at 2PM at the Civic Center.  Ticket information can be found at the Adirondack Flames webpage.

- Flames on Twitter: @AHLFlames; on Facebook: AHLFlames

- It's sounding like, based on the comment that we're going to be seeing different teams this season, that the American Hockey League will not be moving the Flames to the Eastern Conference, and that the Flames will have to play some Western Conference teams like Lake Erie, Chicago and Rockford.  The official conference/division alignment will not be released until July.

- The mascot has not been introduced to the public, but fans will like it.

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