Monday, August 4, 2014

Takeaways: Bills vs. Giants

It was just a preseason game.  The first of five for the Buffalo Bills.

But there are lessons learned and things that the Bills will have to get corrected before their next preseason game against the Carolina Panthers this Friday (5:30PM Pre/7:30PM Kick on WENU-1410).

    Look, the two have only had a little time together at camp.  They can work on game plans all they want during the drills, but game-time execution is a different story.  Yesterday was the first game execution for both of these guys, and it's going to take a few games before the two are in-sync with each other.

    Keep in mind, as well, they only played a few series together.

    If by the time we reach August 28th and the two are still having communication issues, then we can start worrying.  Until then, let them develop their chemistry.  Leave them in longer for Friday's game so that they can better partner up and become the passer-receiver tandem that Bills fans are expecting them to be.
    As EJ Manuel grows in the NFL, so too will the amount of game film on him.  Other teams will get to notice the quirks and other things Manuel does, so it's best if the Bills mix it up a little here and there so that Manuel doesn't become predictable.

    With that being said, yesterday's three deflected passes that he suffered early in the game shouldn't be a concern.  What should be concerning is...
    The New York Giants defense for the most part ate up the Bills passing attack, snuffing two drives dead via interceptions in the end zone.  You can debate if the one thrown from Jeff Tuel was considered pass interference, but the issue at heart here is that the Bills as the season draws near cannot be throwing their chances away.

    Those two end zone interceptions very well could have been the difference between them winning and losing last night.
In the long run, we have to remember that this is the preseason.  What happens here has very little, if any, bearing on how the regular season goes.  It'd be nice to go 5-0 in the preseason, but what good does that do if you end up going 4-12 and missing the playoffs for the 15th straight year?

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