Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts From The Press Box: A Friday Night in Moreau

SOUTH GLENS FALLS - Worried about Brett Rodriguez's health entering the season?

No need to worry.  After three special team touchdowns and two more rushing touchdowns, I think Rodriguez is fine.

With or without Rodriguez, the Spartans won the game on the first play of the game, when Juan Escamilla booted an onside kick that the Bulldogs were not prepared for, and the Spartans quickly cashed in with Tyrell Adams run up the middle for the score.

And what a run by Adams, going 97 yards to score to set up the craziest three minutes of football I've ever seen, with two kickoff returns for touchdowns to follow.

Queensbury got to feature their backups early, as some unfamiliar names started to show up in the second quarter for Coach John Irion.  These are the faces who you will be familiarizing yourself with next year, but getting valuable experience now.

In addition, the Spartans got to rest key starters for what's bound to be a 48 minute slugfest down in Burnt Hills, where the winner is guaranteed home dates for Weeks 8 and 9, and the loser may be forced to play on the road come Halloween night.

The Bulldogs have promise.  John Styzcynski has good running ability.  He kept with Tyrell Adams in pursuit during Adams 97 yard touchdown run and followed that up with an 85 yard effort on the ensuing kickoff to give the Bulldogs their first score of the game.

And the Bulldogs aren't out of the playoff chase yet.  With their win over Green Tech, it sets up a win-and-you're-in scenario at Gloversville this Friday.  The winner will claim the final seed in the playoffs, and the loser will be playing crossover games next week.

It's not something Coach Hammond wanted to talk much about in preparation for the game versus Queensbury, but it's something he's reminding the troops about this week at practice.

They still have a shot.
South Glens Falls, as well as Hudson Falls, is a school that gives you a great feeling when you're at a high school football game.

That's because they have something other schools don't have these days.  A pep band.  The sound of the horns and the drums helping electrify the crowd when a big play happens.  Like the feeling you have at a collegiate game, just with a more local, hometown feel.

It helps the atmosphere, and it's a shame schools have cut back on the budgets and forced school music departments to shed away their participation at games.  

Growing up that is one of the things I remember when I was at school at Hudson Falls.  The sound of the band when David Winters would break through the defensive line into the secondary for a huge gain.  Or the play that put the Tigers in for 6.

I just wish more schools that still have a music program would get them involved in their team's home games.  Even if it's for that team's homecoming game -- make the Friday night or Saturday afternoon even better with the sound of the band chiming in with their school spirit.
We had some technical difficulties during our broadcast that prevented us from playing the interviews we conducted with South Glens Falls coach Mike Hammond and Queensbury coach John Irion.

Even though some of these items discussed within these interviews deal with the game itself and therefore outdated, here are the interviews as they were intended to air on Friday night.

Queensbury coach John Irion:

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South Glens Falls coach Mike Hammond:

Check this out on Chirbit
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