Friday, October 31, 2014

Thoughts From The Press Box: What Sportsmanship!

QUEENSBURY - You've seen the stories about bad sportsmanship.

From the brawls that took place two weeks ago at Amsterdam and Whitehall to the punch that landed one in jail in Schodack, we've seen examples of awful sportsmanship this month.

Here's a case of great sportsmanship, and it comes via the Queensbury and Averill Park cheerleaders.

After the game wrapped up, the Averill Park cheerleaders walked around the track from the north side of the field to the south end.  And there they stood, cheering their players as they made their way off the field and towards the bus.

They weren't alone.  The Queensbury cheerleaders joined in and cheered as well, offering support for the opposition.  But after the Warriors left the field, the Averill Park cheerleaders, with no obligation to stay on their side of the carpet, stood and continued to cheer as the Queensbury Spartans walked off and made their way towards the locker room.

It isn't a huge gesture, but it's very warming and uplifting to see in a sports world that is being dominated by case after case of awful sportsmanship by fans and players alike.

But it's a gesture we need to see more often.

The Averill Park Warriors first and only drive of the third quarter was long, lasting nearly 10 minutes of game clock and over 17 minutes real time.  

It was dominated by laundry as both teams got flagged several times during the drive.

The drive could have lasted even longer, if the drive didn't end with a fumble around the 20 yard line.

The 2014 Sectional Semifinals will be on FOX Sports Radio 1230 this weekend as the Queensbury Spartans host the Scotia Tartans.  The first time these two teams met, the Scotia Tartans made things close in the first half, taking advantage of some Queensbury miscues.

But the Scotia Tartans saw the Spartans begin to pull away late in the second quarter, capped with Brett Rodriguez's pass to Erik Wettersten for the final play of the half to extend the Spartans lead to 33-17.  

Scotia enters the game having won their last 4 straight since that loss, including last week's 14-12 win over the Bishop Maginn Golden Griffins. 

Coverage begins on FOX Sports Radio 1230 at 1:15PM.


  1. If only that same behavior was shown in the halls and classrooms of Averill Park High School on a daily basis, by this group....but it is only present when the media is looking. What a shame.

  2. This article is a great positive example of showing Warrior pride. AP Cheer girls-Those of us that know you truly know that you do make us proud on and off the field each and every day!

  3. There a group of girls we see them week after week cheering the boy on and off the field each and everyone of you girls she be proud of your self what a great team you have