Tuesday, December 16, 2014

From The Board: Bills O saved by their D and Special Teams.

Joed Viera | Syracuse Post-Standard
Don't think because the Buffalo Bills knocked off the Green Bay Packers, it means they deserve to play in the NFL Playoffs.

In fact, the Buffalo Bills have a lot of work to do if they are even going to be considered for a playoff spot -- and that doesn't include the help they need from outside factors.

But it is nice to see with two weeks left in the season, and with the Oakland Raiders coming up this Sunday, the Bills could very well enter the final week of the regular season as a team still "in the hunt".

With that being said, the Bills need to work on their offense.

Because their current package isn't getting the job done.  The Bills are lucky their special teams, especially Dan Carpenter, and their defense carried them to victory on Sunday.  Because Kyle Orton and the offense wasn't getting it done.

Yes, Orton moved the ball on occasion.  But 14/27 for 158 yards isn't going to get the job done, especially when the Bills have to face the New England Patriots at Foxborough to close the season.

The telling number is the 0 touchdowns that the Bills offense scored all game.  The Bills points came via a punt return for a touchdown, four field goals from Dan Carpenter, and a safety with less than two minutes to play.

The Bills need to get the ball into the end zone with their offensive line on the field.  The Bills are next-to-last when it comes to scoring touchdowns in the Red Zone (40% - Jacksonville is the only team worse with 38% conversion.  Driving the field to score field goals isn't going to get it done.

When Dan Carpenter booted the second field goal of the third quarter, the Bills were only up 6.  The same when Mason Crosby answered Carpenter's 4th field goal with his own to close the Packers to within six again.  Both times, the thought was in mine, and many Bills followers mind, that Aaron Rodgers would lead the team down to the field to victory in the closing minutes of the game to give Green Bay their 11th win of the season.

The Bills got lucky when Aaron Rodgers fumbled an attempted pass into the end zone, and because of the Holy Roller rule that prohibits an offensive player besides the fumbler to advance a fumbled ball within two minutes of the half or end of game, the Bills were given the two point safety, enhancing their lead to eight.

The origins of the Holy Roller rule

The defense has been great throughout the season for the Buffalo Bills, but they're not going to go anywhere in January as long as the Buffalo Bills offense remains anemic.

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