Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blackhawks Win in Triple Overtime after 2OT Goal is Disallowed

The Chicago Blackhawks evened their series with the Anaheim Ducks early in the morning, requiring three overtimes to finally net the game-winner nearly 80 minutes without a goal was played after Corey Perry's second period goal tied the game at 2.

But the game nearly came to an end sooner, as Chicago found the back of the net.  Only one problem, the goal was scored soccer-style, as Andrew Shaw hit the puck off his head to beat Frederik Andersen in the second overtime.

Rule 78.5 disallows goals that are scored by way of use of anything other than a stick.  And in this case, Shaw's forward movement off the head was a deliberate attempt to score.  Awesome attempt, though.

Thankfully, Marcus Kruger gave the Blackhawks win in the third overtime, sending the series back to Chicago tied at 1.

Chicago fans were finally able to meet their pillows at 1:09AM Central Time.  They'll get a night off to catch lost sleep, as Game 3 of the best-of-seven series is on Thursday night.

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