Friday, March 29, 2013

NCAA Sweet 16: Friday's Games

Boy... when you're wrong, you're wrong.

Only one Thursday game went as picked, as Ohio State made their way past the Arizona Wildcats.  Everything else wasn't just picked wrong, it was badly forecasted.

The saying is when you fall of the horse, you need to get back on it, and that's what we're doing as four more games are on the schedule for tonight.  Remember, we will be airing tonight's games on 1410 CBS Sports Radio.

Midwest: (12) Oregon vs. (1) Louisville - 7:15PM (CBS)
Preview coming soon.

South: (4) Michigan vs. (1) Kansas - 7:37PM (TBS)
Preview coming soon.

Midwest: (3) Michigan State vs. (2) Duke - 9:45PM (CBS)
Preview coming soon.

South: (15) Florida-Gulf Coast vs. (3) Florida - 10:07PM (TBS)
Preview coming soon.

We'll recap the Thursday games when we preview the Elite 8 games tomorrow.  As there will be no concurrent games, each game will air in its entirety on 1410 CBS Sports Radio.

Saturday's Elite 8 Games
East: (4) Syracuse vs. (3) Marquette - 4:30PM (CBS)
West: (9) Wichita State vs. (2) Ohio State - 7:05PM (CBS)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

NCAA Picks - Sweet 16 Thursday Night

Another Thursday in March means another round of March Madness, and this time March Madness comes to the North Country, airing live on 1410 CBS Sports Radio (WENU-AM) starting at 7PM both tonight and tomorrow night.

In celebration of the Sweet 16, let's pick the four games that will be coming our way tonight.

East: (3) Marquette vs. (2) Miami (FL) - 7:15PM
For the most part, these two teams put up similar stats, although Miami holds a defensive rebounding advantage.  This game could come down to who cleans the glass efficiently.  Miami can be a more dangerous team behind the arch, shooting 36% compared to Marquette's 30%. This could become an issue in a late game situation if Marquette finds themselves down.

Pick: Miami (FL), 74-62

West: (6) Arizona vs. (2) Ohio State - 7:47PM
This game should be a battle between a defensive team and an offensive team.  Ohio State's 70.3 points per game is less than Arizona's 73.5 points per game, but where Ohio State excels is their defense.  At 58.8 points per game, the defense has shut down many teams, forcing them to shoot less than 40% from the field and less than 1/3 conversion rate on the 3 pointers.  Deshaun Thomas has not scored fewer than 10 points in any game this season, including a 19 point effort when Ohio State played U-Albany on November 11th.  Mark Lyons will be a threat for the Wildcats, scoring 15.4 points per game this season, including his season high of 27 when the Wildcats ended the Cinderella story of Harvard last week.  It should be a close match throughout.

Pick: Ohio State, 66-64.

East: (1) Indiana vs. (4) Syracuse - 9:45PM
Syracuse is another under 60 points per game defensive team, but will have to find a way slow down a hot Indiana Hoosier team that puts up nearly 80 points per game.  The Hoosiers can shoot nearly 49% from the field and 40% from behind the arch.  Although the Orange may have a good defense when it comes to stopping the 3, doing so may open the door for the high percentage shots.  Syracuse has one of the better offensive rebound figures of the 16 teams in the tournament, but ultimately it will come down to stopping Indiana's key scorers, Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller and Christian Watford.  C.J. Fair will be put to work in this game for the Orange.

Pick: Indiana, 76-61.

West: (9) Wichita State vs. (13) LaSalle - 10:17PM
The Cinderella run of LaSalle now brings them to Los Angeles where they will have to face Wichita State.  LaSalle is a team that can hit well from the field, but doesn't defend too well within the arch, allowing about the same percentage as they shoot themselves.  This will become an issue if Wichita State gets hot, shooting 44% from the field.  Rebounding could become an issue, as well, with Wichita State outrebounding LaSalle by a wide margin.  Ramon Galloway is a strong player on the court for the Explorers, scoring 17.4 points per game, and has three other weapons he can distribute the ball to for an even scoring attack.  Cleanthony Early also needs to be watched for the Shockers, scoring 13.9 points per game in only 24.5 minutes per game.  

Pick: LaSalle, 71-70.

Be sure to listen along with 1410 CBS Sports Radio and join us on Facebook as we talk about the games all night.  And be sure to tune in tomorrow for these great games:

Midwest: (12) Oregon vs. (1) Louisville - 7:15PM
South: (4) Michigan vs. (1) Kansas - 7:37PM
Midwest: (3) Michigan State vs. (2) Duke - 9:45PM
South: (15) Florida-Gulf Coast University vs. (3) Florida - 9:57PM

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lake George Fight Hard, but can't pull past Syracuse.

The Lake George Fighting Spirit tie the game twice but cannot get past the Syracuse Stampede, who won the Northern States Junior A Hockey Championship 5-4 on Sunday at the Lake George Forum.

Syracuse came out with an early lead, getting two goals in the opening 5 minutes.  Lake George finally got one of them back when Henrik Linden fired a shot that crossed the goal line just as the horn sounded to end the 1st Period.

The Fighting Spirit would tie the game in the 2nd period when Linden scored his second goal of the game, capitalizing on the power play.  But 1 minute later, following a Lake George penalty, Brandyn Morgan made quick work on their power play, scoring 30 seconds in to retake the lead.  

In the 3rd period, a dangerous turnover turned deadly as Alex Foster was able to net one past Nate DelGiudice for the 4-2 lead.  The Fighting Spirit showed some signs of desperation, but calmed down when Blake Tarbell scored an unassisted goal off a Syracuse turnover to put them within one.  Then with over 6 minutes left in the game, Mike Gough forced a faceoff in the Syracuse zone, and after Tyler Simmons won the faceoff, Mike Gough buried the shot that would tie the game at 4.

But with 4:41 left to go, Viktor Lundgren gave the Syracuse Stampede the lead for good, and despite some good chances with the empty net, the Fighting Spirit were unable to equal the game one final time. 

Both teams will get to represent the Northern States Junior A Hockey League in the nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the Fighting Spirit gained a berth from their regular season title, and the Stampede gained a berth from their tournament win.


1st Period:
GOALS: 1. Syracuse - Williams (Soya, Foster), 2:18; 2. Syracuse - Iselmoe (Runyon), 3:44; 3. Lake George - Linden (unassisted), 19:59 (PPG).  PENALTIES: 1. Syracuse - Huizenga (Head Contact), 19:51

2nd Period:

GOALS: 4. Lake George - Linden (Purdie), 9:51 (PPG); 5. Syracuse - Morgan (Huizenga, Moore), 10:51 (PPG).  PENALTIES: 2. Syracuse - Bench (Too Many Men, Served by Morgan), 9:07.  3. Lake George - Fukes (Elbowing), 10:22

3rd Period:

GOALS: 6. Syracuse - Foster (Huizenga, Pennock), 4:27; 7. Lake George - Tarbell (unassisted), 5:59; 8. Lake George - Gough (Simmons), 13:41; 9. Syracuse - Lundgren (Moore), 15:19.  PENALTIES: None.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Mets Schedule

With the snow today, let's think about warm thoughts - like the upcoming 2013 Mets Baseball Season.   The season begins on Monday, April 1st as they host the San Diego Padres at Citi Field.  That's only 13 days away!  We hope you can join us for the 2nd season of Major League Baseball on 1230 FOX Sports Radio.

Below is the complete 2013 season schedule.  Broadcasts begin 40 minutes prior to scheduled 1st Pitch time with "Mets Extra", hosted by Ed Coleman as he talks with players and managers about the upcoming game, look at the previous game and how prospective players are doing in the minors.

Please note that dates and times are subject to change.  All times are Eastern.

DAY DATE- OPPONENT                     1st PITCH
Mon 4/1 - vs. San Diego Padres          1:10pm
Tue 4/2 - DAY OFF
Wed 4/3 - vs. San Diego Padres 7:10pm
Thu 4/4 - vs. San Diego Padres 1:10pm
Fri 4/5 - vs. Miami Marlins 7:10pm
Sat 4/6 - vs. Miami Marlins             1:10pm
Sun 4/7 - vs. Miami Marlins             1:10pm
Mon 4/8 - at Philadelphia Phillies      7:05pm
Tue 4/9 - at Philadelphia Phillies       7:05pm
Wed 4/10- at Philadelphia Phillies  7:05pm
Thu 4/11 - DAY OFF
Fri 4/12- at Minnesota Twins            8:10pm
Sat 4/13- at Minnesota Twins            4:10pm
Sun 4/14- at Minnesota Twins 2:10pm
Mon 4/15- at Colorado Rockies 8:40pm
Tue 4/16- at Colorado Rockies 8:40pm
Wed 4/17- at Colorado Rockies 8:40pm
Thu 4/18- at Colorado Rockies 3:10pm
Fri 4/19- vs. Washington Nationals 7:10pm
Sat 4/20- vs. Washington Nationals       3:05pm
Sun 4/21- vs. Washington Nationals       1:10pm
Mon 4/22 - DAY OFF
Tue 4/23- vs. Los Angeles Dodgers        7:10pm
Wed 4/24- vs. Los Angeles Dodgers        7:10pm
Thu 4/25- vs. Los Angeles Dodgers       1:10pm
Fri 4/26- vs. Philadelphia Phillies 7:10pm
Sat 4/27- vs. Philadelphia Phillies     1:05pm
Sun 4/28- vs. Philadelphia Phillies 1:10pm
Mon 4/29- at Miami Marlins 7:10pm
Tue 4/30- at Miami Marlins 7:10pm
Wed 5/1 - at Miami Marlins 12:40pm
Thu 5/2 - DAY OFF
Fri 5/3 - at Atlanta Braves            7:30pm
Sat 5/4 - at Atlanta Braves  7:10pm
Sun 5/5 - at Atlanta Braves             1:35pm
Mon 5/6 - DAY OFF
Tue 5/7 - vs. Chicago White Sox 7:10pm
Wed 5/8 - vs. Chicago White Sox 7:10pm
Thu 5/9 - vs. Pittsburgh Pirates  7:10pm
Fri 5/10- vs. Pittsburgh Pirates        7:10pm
Sat 5/11- vs. Pittsburgh Pirates 1:10pm
Sun 5/12- vs. Pittsburgh Pirates 1:10pm
Mon 5/13- at St. Louis Cardinals 7:05pm
Tue 5/14- at St. Louis Cardinals  8:15pm
Wed 5/15- at St. Louis Cardinals 8:15pm
Thu 5/16- at St. Louis Cardinals         1:45pm
Fri 5/17- at Chicago Cubs 2:20pm
Sat 5/18- at Chicago Cubs 1:05pm
Sun 5/19- at Chicago Cubs 2:20pm
Mon 5/20- vs. Cincinatti Reds 7:10pm
Tue 5/21- vs. Cincinatti Reds            7:10pm
Wed 5/22- vs. Cincinatti Reds            1:10pm
Thu 5/23- DAY OFF
Fri 5/24- vs. Atlanta Braves             7:10pm
Sat 5/25- vs. Atlanta Braves             7:15pm
Sun 5/26- vs. Atlanta Braves             8:05pm
Mon 5/27- vs. New York Yankees           7:10pm
Tue 5/28- vs. New York Yankees           7:10pm
Wed 5/29- at New York Yankees            7:05pm
Thu 5/30- at New York Yankees            7:05pm
Fri 5/31- at Miami Marlins               7:10pm
Sat 6/1 - at Miami Marlins               4:00pm
Sun 6/2 - at Miami Marlins               1:10pm
Mon 6/3 - DAY OFF
Tue 6/4 - at Washington Nationals        7:05pm
Wed 6/5 - at Washington Nationals        7:05pm
Thu 6/6 - at Washington Nationals        7:05pm
Fri 6/7 - vs. Miami Marlins              7:10pm
Sat 6/8 - vs. Miami Marlins              1:10pm
Sun 6/9 - vs. Miami Marlins              1:10pm
Mon 6/10- DAY OFF
Tue 6/11- vs. St. Louis Cardinals        7:10pm
Wed 6/12- vs. St. Louis Cardinals        7:10pm
Thu 6/13- vs. St. Louis Cardinals        7:10pm
Fri 6/14- vs. Chicago Cubs               7:10pm
Sat 6/15- vs. Chicago Cubs               1:10pm
Sun 6/16- vs. Chicago Cubs               1:10pm
Mon 6/17- at Atlanta Braves              7:10pm
Tue 6/18- at Atlanta Braves              7:10pm
Wed 6/19- at Atlanta Braves              7:10pm
Thu 6/20- at Atlanta Braves              7:10pm
Fri 6/21- at Philadelphia Phillies       7:05pm
Sat 6/22- at Philadelphia Phillies       4:05pm
Sun 6/23- at Philadelphia Phillies       1:35pm
Mon 6/24- DAY OFF
Tue 6/25- at Chicago White Sox           8:10pm
Wed 6/26- at Chicago White Sox           8:10pm
Thu 6/27- DAY OFF
Fri 6/28- vs. Washington Nationals       7:10pm
Sat 6/29- vs. Washington Nationals       1:10pm
Sun 6/30- vs. Washington Nationals       1:10pm
Mon 7/1 - vs. Arizona Diamondbacks       7:10pm
Tue 7/2 - vs. Arizona Diamondbacks       7:10pm
Wed 7/3 - vs. Arizona Diamondbacks       7:10pm
Thu 7/4 - vs. Arizona Diamondbacks       1:10pm
Fri 7/5 - at Milwaukee Brewers           8:10pm
Sat 7/6 - at Milwaukee Brewers           7:15pm
Sun 7/7 - at Milwaukee Brewers           2:10pm
Mon 7/8 - at San Francisco Giants       10:15pm
Tue 7/9 - at San Francisco Giants       10:15pm
Wed 7/10- at San Francisco Giants        3:45pm
Thu 7/11- DAY OFF
Fri 7/12- at Pittsburgh Pirates         7:05pm
Sat 7/13- at Pittsburgh Pirates 7:15pm
Sun 7/14- at Pittsburgh Pirates 1:35pm

-- ALL STAR BREAK 7/15-18 --

Fri 7/19- vs. Philadelphia Phillies 7:10pm

Sat 7/20- vs. Philadelphia Phillies 1:10pm
Sun 7/21- vs. Philadelphia Phillies 1:10pm
Mon 7/22- vs. Atlanta Braves            7:10pm
Tue 7/23- vs. Atlanta Braves            7:10pm
Wed 7/24- vs. Atlanta Braves 7:10pm
Thu 7/25- vs. Atlanta Braves 12:10pm
Fri 7/26- at Washington Nationals 7:05pm
Sat 7/27- at Washington Nationals  3:05pm
Sun 7/28- at Washington Nationals 1:35pm
Mon 7/29- at Miami Marlins              7:10pm
Tue 7/30- at Miami Marlins 7:10pm
Wed 7/31- at Miami Marlins 7:10pm
Thu 8/1 - at Miami Marlins 12:40pm
Fri 8/2 - vs. Kansas City Royals 7:10pm
Sat 8/3 - vs. Kansas City Royals 1:10pm
Sun 8/4 - vs. Kansas City Royals  1:10pm
Mon 8/5 - DAY OFF
Tue 8/6 - vs. Colorado Rockies          7:10pm
Wed 8/7 - vs. Colorado Rockies          7:10pm
Thu 8/8 - vs. Colorado Rockies 12:10pm
Fri 8/9 - at Arizona Diamondbacks 9:40pm
Sat 8/10- at Arizona Diamondbacks 8:10pm
Sun 8/11- at Arizona Diamondbacks 4:10pm
Mon 8/12- at Los Angeles Dodgers        10:10pm
Tue 8/13- at Los Angeles Dodgers 10:10pm
Wed 8/14- at Los Angeles Dodgers 10:10pm
Thu 8/15- at San Diego Padres 10:10pm
Fri 8/16- at San Diego Padres 10:10pm
Sat 8/17- at San Diego Padres 8:40pm
Sun 8/18- at San Diego Padres 4:10pm
Mon 8/19- DAY OFF
Tue 8/20- vs. Atlanta Braves 7:10pm
Wed 8/21- vs. Atlanta Braves 1:10pm
Thu 8/22- DAY OFF
Fri 8/23- vs. Detroit Tigers 7:10pm
Sat 8/24- vs. Detroit Tigers 4:05pm
Sun 8/25- vs. Detroit Tigers 1:10pm
Mon 8/26- vs. Philadelphia Phillies 7:10pm
Tue 8/27- vs. Philadelphia Phillies      7:10pm
Wed 8/28- vs. Philadelphia Phillies 7:10pm
Thu 8/29- vs. Philadelphia Phillies     1:10pm
Fri 8/30- at Washington Nationals       7:05pm
Sat 8/31- at Washington Nationals 7:05pm
Sun 9/1 - at Washington Nationals TBA
Mon 9/2 - at Atlanta Braves 1:10pm
Tue 9/3 - at Atlanta Braves 7:10pm
Wed 9/4 - at Atlanta Braves 12:10pm
Thu 9/5 - DAY OFF
Fri 9/6 - at Cleveland Indians 7:05pm
Sat 9/7 - at Cleveland Indians  6:05pm
Sun 9/8 - at Cleveland Indians 1:05pm
Mon 9/9 - vs. Washington Nationals  7:10pm
Tue 9/10- vs. Washington Nationals      7:10pm
Wed 9/11- vs. Washington Nationals 7:10pm
Thu 9/12- vs. Washington Nationals 1:10pm
Fri 9/13- vs. Miami Marlins 7:10pm
Sat 9/14- vs. Miami Marlins 4:10pm
Sun 9/15- vs. Miami Marlins 1:10pm
Mon 9/16- DAY OFF
Tue 9/17- vs. San Francisco Giants 7:10pm
Wed 9/18- vs. San Francisco Giants  7:10pm
Thu 9/19- vs. San Francisco Giants      1:10pm
Fri 9/20- at Philadelphia Phillies 7:05pm
Sat 9/21- at Philadelphia Phillies      7:05pm
Sun 9/22- at Philadelphia Phillies 1:35pm
Mon 9/23- at Cincinatti Reds 7:10pm
Tue 9/24- at Cincinatti Reds 7:10pm
Wed 9/25- at Cincinatti Reds 12:35pm
Thu 9/26- vs. Milwaukee Brewers         7:10pm
Fri 9/27- vs. Milwaukee Brewers 7:10pm
Sat 9/28- vs. Milwaukee Brewers 4:10pm
Sun 9/29- vs. Milwaukee Brewers 1:10pm

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

NCAA Tournament: U-Albany gets 15-seed, Face Duke Blue Devils.

The University of Albany Great Danes will be dancing for their third time in school history after winning the Automatic Bid courtesy of its America East title.  In the brackets just released this evening, the Great Danes are seeded #15 in the Midwest Region.

They will face the #2-seeded Duke Blue Devils this Friday at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.  Tip is scheduled for 12:15pm, and will air on CBS (Locally, WRGB Channel 6).

For the Great Danes, it will be the first time since making it to the tournament in 2007, where they drew Virginia and was outscored 45-25 in the first half before losing 84-57.  This was one year after the first appearance of the Great Danes in the Big Dance, where they drew #1 seeded Connecticut, and for 33 minutes threatened to become the first team to ever knock off a #1 seed as a #16 seed.

For the full field, click here.

Updated at 12:05AM to reflect announced start time for the game.

State Championships: Sunday Edition

It's the final day of the NYSPHSAA Championships, with four more teams getting their titles today.  As this blog post is already after the games have begun, I won't go into admission details.

Boys games are on TWC Sports (Channel 50)

Last Update: 5:50PM
Boys Games:
CLASS A Championship
01:30PM - John S. Burke Catholic (9) 73,  Buffalo McKinley (6) 76 - FINAL/OT

CLASS AA Championship
03:15PM - New Rochelle (1) 39, Bishop Kearney (5) 45 - FINAL

Girls Games:
CLASS D Championship
12:00PM - Oriskany (3) 40, Batavia-Notre Dame (5) 52 - FINAL

CLASS C Championship
01:45PM - Harpursville (4) 44, Bishop Kearney (5) 54 - FINAL

Saturday, March 16, 2013

NYS Semifinals and Finals: Saturday's Games

The State basketball tournament continues today as 6 teams get their trophies and 2 more finals get set.  As with yesterday's games, admission is sold as a "Session"; $10 will admit you to all games within that session. 

Advice: Downtown Glens Falls will be packed for the Evening Session, especially three Section 2 teams that are no more than 50 miles away from the Civic Center playing.  Please arrive early to ensure best parking/seating.

If you are unable to make it to the Glens Falls Civic Center, the boys championship games will be broadcasted live on Time Warner Cable Sports, Channel 50.

BOYS - All game at the Glens Falls Civic Center

Last Updated: 11:15PM

09:00AM: John S. Burke Catholic (9) 68, Amityville (11) 50 - FINAL
10:45AM: Buffalo McKinley (6) 75, Bishop Ludden (3) 61 - FINAL
Championship: John S. Burke Catholic (9) vs. Buffalo McKinley (6) - Sunday, 1:30PM

12:30PM: New Rochelle (1) 60, Northport (11) 46 - FINAL
02:15PM: Bishop Kearney (5) 65, TROY (2) 58 - FINAL/OT
Championship: New Rochelle (1) vs. Bishop Kearney (5) - Sunday, 3:15PM

05:30PM: ARGYLE (2) 58, Martin Luther King (1) 33 - FINAL

07:15PM: LAKE GEORGE (2) 55, Pine Plains (9) 45 - FINAL

09:00PM: WATERVLIET (2) 72, Babylon (11) 60 - FINAL/OT

GIRLS - All games at Hudson Valley Community College

CLASS D Semifinals
09:00AM: Livingston Manor (9) 31, Oriskany (3) 49 - FINAL
10:45AM: FORT EDWARD (2) 35, Batavia-Notre Dame (5) 49 - FINAL
Championship: Oriskany (3) vs. Batavia-Notre Dame (5) - Sunday,  12 Noon

CLASS C Semifinals
12:30PM: Alexander Hamilton (1) 53, Harpursville (4) 61 - FINAL
02:15PM Bishop Kearney (5) 56, AuSable Valley (7) 41 - FINAL
Championship: Harpursville (4) vs. Bishop Kearney (5) - Sunday, 1:45PM

CLASS B Finals
04:00PM: Irvington (1) 78, Waterloo (5) 40 - FINAL

07:00PM: TROY (2) 46, Maine-Endwell (4) 30 - FINAL

08:45PM: Ossining (1) 86, Gates-Chili (5) 69 - FINAL

Friday, March 15, 2013

NYS State Semifinals: Friday's Games

It's our version of March Madness!  To the many schools that will be calling our area home this weekend, a warm welcome to you all!

Today, 3 championship games will be set as 12 teams square off in 6 games.  Stay up to date with today's Semifinal Games from the Glens Falls Civic Center here.

For those attending, the day is broken down to two sessions - Day and Evening.  Admission is $10 and admits you for all three games during that session.  Tickets are available at the Civic Center Box Office.

CLASS D Semifinals:
10:00AM: Martin Luther King (1) 56, University Prep (5) 53 - FINAL
11:45AM: ARGYLE (2) 67, New York Mills (3) 60 - FINAL
Championship: Martin Luther King (1) vs. ARGYLE (2) - Saturday, 5:30PM

CLASS C Semifinals:
01:30PM: Pine Plains (9) 52, Silver Creek (6) 49 - FINAL
05:00PM: LAKE GEORGE (2) 68, Moravia (4) 61 - FINAL/OT
Championship: Pine Plains (9) vs. LAKE GEORGE (2) - Saturday, 7:15PM

CLASS B Semifinals:
06:45PM: Babylon (11) 67, Westhill (3) 57 - FINAL
08:30PM: WATERVLIET (2) vs. Batavia (5)

The Girls do things differently, with four games in the Day Session and only two in the Evening Session.  Plus, they start things with the Class B semifinals and end the day with Class AA, perhaps to allow greater chance of supporters to attend both games if a team was to send both boys and girls to the states

The girls play at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy.

CLASS B Semifinals:
10:00AM: Irvington (1) 55, Oneonta (4) 53 - FINAL
11:45AM: Waterloo (5) 65, Salmon River (10) 53 - FINAL
Championship: Irvington (1) vs. Waterloo (5) - Saturday, 4PM

CLASS A Semifinals:
01:30PM: Maine-Endwell (4) 53, Harborfields (11) 46 - FINAL
03:15PM: TROY (2) 65, Pittsford-Mendon (5) 53 - FINAL
Championship: Maine-Endwell (4) vs. TROY (2) - Saturday, 7PM

CLASS AA Semifinals:
06:15PM: Ossining (1) vs. Sachem-East (11)
08:00PM: Gates-Chili (5) vs. Cicero-North Syracuse (3)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Game Watch - Saturday 3/9/13

Well, here it is.  Busy Saturday ahead in local High School Sports as the fields for the State Semifinals at Glens Falls Civic Center (Boys) and Hudson Valley Community College (Girls) get set.

Plus today are the semifinals in Boys Hockey out in Utica, as the Saratoga Springs Blue Streaks hope to streak their way into the championship game tomorrow afternoon.  If you're thinking of attending any of these games, check out yesterday's blog for directions.

We'll be updating this post all day.

BOYS BASKETBALL - Regional Finals
CLASS AA: TROY 60, Henninger 52 - FINAL
CLASS A: SCOTIA vs. Bishop Ludden (Section 3) - 8:00PM at Onondaga Community College. (@TUSidelines)
CLASS B: WATERVLIET 73 vs. Ogdensburgh 53 - FINAL
CLASS C: LAKE GEORGE 58, AuSable Valley 42 - FINAL
CLASS D: ARGYLE 77 vs. Madrid-Waddington 59 - FINAL

GIRLS BASKETBALL - Regional Finals
CLASS AA: ALBANY 49, Cicero-North Syracuse 51 - FINAL
CLASS A: TROY 62, Massena 45 - FINAL
CLASS B: WATERVLIET 65, Salmon River 73 - FINAL
CLASS C: HOOSIC VALLEY 43, AuSable Valley 48 - FINAL

BOYS HOCKEY - State Semifinals at Utica Memorial Auditorium
D1: SARATOGA SPRINGS 4,  Niagara-Wheatfield 1 - FINAL

Last Updated: 5:55PM 03/09/2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

Saturday Primer

Here's a look at all the Section 2 teams in action Saturday.  Click the game site for a map plus directions on how to get there from Glens Falls.

BOYS BASKETBALL - Regional Finals, Winners advance to play next weekend at the Glens Falls Civic Center.
CLASS AA: TROY vs. Henninger (Section 3) - 2:45PM at Onondaga Community College.
CLASS A: SCOTIA vs. Bishop Ludden (Section 3) - 8:00PM at Onondaga Community College.
CLASS B: WATERVLIET vs. Ogdensburgh (Section 10) - 3:30PM at SUNY Potsdam
CLASS C: LAKE GEORGE vs. AuSable Valley (Section 7) - 1:45PM at SUNY Plattsburgh
CLASS D: ARGYLE vs. Madrid-Waddington (Section 10) - 4:00PM at Hudson Falls High School

GIRLS BASKETBALL - Regional Finals, Winners advance to play next weekend at Hudson Valley Community College.
CLASS AA: ALBANY vs. Cicero-North Syracuse (Section 3) - 12:45PM at Onondaga Community College.
CLASS A: TROY vs. Massena (Section 10) - 12:00PM at SUNY Potsdam
CLASS B: WATERVLIET vs. Salmon River (Section 10) - 1:45PM at SUNY Potsdam
CLASS C: HOOSIC VALLEY vs. AuSable Valley (Section 7) - 12:00PM at SUNY Plattsburgh
CLASS D: FORT EDWARD vs. Hammond (Section 10) - 12:00PM at SUNY Adirondack

BOYS HOCKEY - State Semifinals at Utica Memorial Auditorium
D1: SARATOGA SPRINGS vs. Niagara-Wheatfield (Section 6) - 2:00PM

Good luck to all local teams and be safe to all patrons making their way to these games on Saturday.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Week Ahead in Local Sports

Keeping you updated with what's going on in local athletics ... Here's your calendar of upcoming high school and professional games this week.  We'll make this a Sunday Night/Monday Morning feature on here - and if we have any sports broadcasts coming up on our family of stations, including 1230 FOX Sports Radio, 1410 CBS Sports Radio, Q101.7, 100.3 The Point and Froggy 107.1, we'll mention them here as well.

High School Sports
Monday, March 4th, 2012:
Girls Basketball Section 2 Class AA Championship
Albany vs. Bethlehem - 6:30pm at the Times Union Center

Boys Basketball Section 2 Class AA Championship
Troy vs. Green Tech - 8:15pm at the Times Union Center

Tuesday, March 5th, 2012:
Girls Basketball Regional Semifinals:
Class A: Troy vs. Jamesville/DeWitt (Section 3), 6:00PM at LeMoyne College in Syracuse
Class C: Canton (Section 10) vs. Hoosic Valley , 6:00PM at SUNY Adirondack

Wednesday, March 6th, 2012:
Boys Basketball Regional Semifinals:
Class A: Massena (Section 7) vs. Scotia, 7:30PM at Saratoga Springs High School
Class B: Watervliet vs. Beekmantown (Section 7), 7:45PM at SUNY Plattsburgh
Class C: St. Lawrence (Section 10) vs. LAKE GEORGE, 6PM at Saratoga Springs High School

Girls Basketball Regional Semifinals:
Class B: Watervliet vs. Beekmantown (Section 7), 6:00PM at SUNY Plattsburgh

Saturday, March 9th:
Boys Basketball Regional Finals:
Class A: Section 2/10 winner vs. Bishop Ludden (Section 3) - 8:00PM at Onondaga Community College
Class B: Section 2/7 winner vs. Ogdensburgh (Section 10) - 3:30PM at Potsdam State
Class C: Section 2/10 winner vs. AuSable Valley (Section 7) - at Plattsburgh State
Class D: Madrid-Washington (Section 10) vs. Argyle - 4:00PM at Hudson Falls High School

Girls Basketball Regional Finals:
Class A: Section 2/3 winner vs. Massena (Section 10) - 12:00PM at SUNY Potsdam
Class B: Section 2/7 winner vs. Salmon River (Section 10) - 1:45PM at SUNY Potsdam
Class C: Section 2/10 winner vs. AuSable Valley (Section 7) - 12:00PM at SUNY Plattsburgh
Class D: Hammond (Section 10) vs. Fort Edward - 12:00PM at SUNY Adirondack

Ice Hockey State Semifinals:
D1: Saratoga Springs vs. Niagara Wheatfield - Approximately 2PM at Utica Memorial Auditorium

Sunday, March 10th:
Ice Hockey State Finals
D1: Semifinal winners - 3:30PM at Utica Memorial Auditorium

Adirondack Phantoms Hockey
Friday, March 8th:
Springfield Falcons at Adirondack Phantoms - 7:00PM.  Broadcast: WNYQ 101.7FM
Saturday, March 9th:
Connecticut Whale at Adirondack Phantoms - 7:00PM.  Broadcast: WNYQ 101.7FM
Sunday, March 10th:
Adirondack Phantoms at Albany Devils - 3:00PM.  Broadcast: WNYQ 101.7FM

Lake George Fighting Spirit
No games scheduled this week.

Enjoy this week's games and stay tuned to our blog, twitter and facebook for updates all week long.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sectional Saturday

Welcome to Sectional Saturday, a day filled with 8 championship basketball games.  Add Queensbury's Regional Championship hockey game against John Jay-Cross River and Saratoga's Regional game against Suffern, and you get one busy day ahead in local high school sports.

Follow this blog post for updates throughout the day, and for instant updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter - @WMML1230.

BOYS BASKETBALL - All games at the Glens Falls Civic Center.
Class D: ARGYLE vs. Loudonville Christian - 2:00pm - Argyle wins 63-49
Class C: LAKE GEORGE vs. Hoosic Valley - 3:45pm - Lake George wins 51-48
Class B: SCHUYLERVILLE vs. Watervliet - 5:30pm - Watervliet wins 64-52
Class A: GLENS FALLS vs. Scotia - 7:15pm - Scotia wins 53-45

GIRLS BASKETBALL - All games at Hudson Valley Community College
Class C: Hoosic Valley vs. Berne-Knox - 12:00pm - Hoosic Valley wins 54-19
Class B: Watervliet vs. Ravena - 1:45pm - Watervliet wins 43-35
Class A: Troy vs. Holy Names - 3:30pm - Troy wins 54-47
Class D: FORT ANN vs. FORT EDWARD - 5:15pm - Fort Edward wins 57-51

Winners moves onto the NYS State Semifinals at Utica - March 9th
Division II Regionals: QUEENSBURY vs. John Jay-Cross River - 3:30pm - John Jay/Cross River wins 4-2
Division I Regionals: SARATOGA SPRINGS at Suffern - 7:30pm - Saratoga Springs wins 3-2

Update 10:00pm: Congratulations to all the champions and congratulations also to the runner-ups on a fantastic season.  Below is where these teams are heading next:

Boys Basketball Regional Semifinals:
Wednesday, March 6th:
Class A: Massena (Section 7) vs. Scotia, 7:30PM at Saratoga Springs
Class B: Watervliet vs. Beekmantown/Peru winner (Section 7), 7:45PM at SUNY Plattsburgh
Class C: St. Lawrence (Section 10) vs. Lake George, 6PM at Saratoga Springs
Class D: BYE

Boys Basketball Regional Finals:
Saturday, March 9th:
Class A: Section 2/10 winner vs. Bishop Ludden/New Hartford winner (Section 3) - 8:00PM at Onondaga Community College
Class B: Section 2/7 winner vs. Ogdensburgh (Section 10) - 3:30PM at Potsdam State
Class C: Section 2/10 winner vs. AuSable Valley/Ticonderoga Winner (Section 7) - at Plattsburgh State
Class D: Moriah (Section 7)/Madrid-Washington (Section 10) winner vs. Argyle - 4:00PM at Hudson Falls High School

Girls Basketball Regional Semifinals:
Tuesday, March 5th:

Class A: Troy vs. Jamesville/DeWitt (Section 3), 6:00PM at LeMoyne College in Syracuse
Class C: Canton (Section 10) vs. Hoosic Valley , 6:00PM at SUNY Adirondack
Class D: BYE
Wednesday, March 6th:
Class B: Watervliet vs. Section 7, 6:00PM at SUNY Plattsburgh

Girls Basketball Regional Finals:
Saturday, March 9th:
Class A: Section 2/3 winner vs. Massena (Section 10) - 12:00PM at SUNY Potsdam
Class B: Section 2/7 winner vs. Section 10 - 1:45PM at SUNY Potsdam
Class C: Section 2/10 winner vs. Section 7 - 12:00PM at SUNY Plattsburgh
Class D: Section 7/10 winner vs. Fort Edward - 12:00PM at SUNY Adirondack

Ice Hockey State Semifinals:
Saturday, March 9th - All Games at Utica Auditorium:

D2: Saratoga Springs vs. Niagara Wheatfield - Approximately 2PM

Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Football Schedules

So the 2013 Section II Schedule has been released and there are a few things to note.  First, Scotia drops from Class A to B.  They will play in Class B West along with Hudson Falls and Glens Falls, creating a full 8 team division where all 8 teams will play each other once with no crossover games.  In Class D, a new program has developed, in Schoburg, which we mentioned in yesterday's blog entry is a blend of both Schoharie and Duanesburg High School atheles.  They will play in Class D South, and to make things even, Greenwich will play in Class D North.  Greenwich will preserve their local rivalry with the Cambridge Indians through a divisonal crossover game in Week 1.

For your reading pleasure, here's our thoughts for the most interesting matches to look forward to in the 2013 season, based on last season's results.  Individual team-by-team schedules to follow after.

Most Interesting Matches:
These are the games we're looking forward to seeing in the 2013 season.  These are not necessarily the games we will be broadcasting in the 2013 season; that schedule will be posted at a later date.

Week 1: 
Schalmont at Glens Falls: We get the season off with a bang, featuring a rematch between two Class B teams that met in the Super Bowl at Shenendehowa last year.  Schalmont will still have Devon Willis, who will return as a senior.  However, the Indians will have to restock and rebuild after all the seniors from their Carrier Dome team have graduated.  This will be a key game to see whether or not the Indians will have any trouble continuing their long-lasting streak of making Sectionals.

Scotia at Broadalbin-Perth: The Scotia Tartans dropped from Class A to B, and have to face last year's #3 seed Broadalbin-Perth to kick off their season.  It will be a good test to see how they match up with the rest of Class B West.

Greenwich at Cambridge: Last year's edition of this Washington County rivalry required overtime before Cambridge walked off the field as winners.  This year's edition comes early in the season as these two teams now find themselves in opposite divisions in Class D, brought about by last year's result where Greenwich was left out of the playoffs despite a better record than those in Class D North and by new addition Schoburg to the Southern Division.

Week 2:
Glens Falls at Schuylerville: The rematch of the semifinal round of sectionals last year, this time down the Hudson in Schuylerville.  In the regular season match, the Indians took command of the game late thanks to a couple of Schuylerville turnovers.  In the post-season match, the Black Horses and the Indians played a close game for the first half, but the Indians took control in the 3rd Quarter off the first possession and never looked back on their way to victory.

Scotia at Schalmont: These two schools are separated by 7 driving miles, but have not faced each quite some time, if at all.  It should be interesting to see how these two treat each other.  Week 1's games against Broadalbin-Perth and Glens Falls will tell the tale on how close we should watch this game.

Week 3:
Troy at Amsterdam: Troy's season last year was brought to an end by the Rugged Rams of Amsterdam.  And this rematch could have come at a better time in the season, as the Flying Horses have to endure games against Queensbury and Burnt Hills in the first two weeks.

Salem at Warrensburg: Last year, the Salem Generals had a 13-6 lead with less than a minute left in the game.  But the Burghers would not go quietly.  They marched up the field and pushed it past the goal line with 30 seconds left.  The two-point conversion was good, and that gave the Burghers the 14-13 win.  This year's edition should be just as good.

Week 4:
Burnt Hills at Queensbury: The Queensbury Spartans met with the Burnt Hills Spartans last in the semifinals of the Class A Sectionals in a game where Queensbury played well against the other Spartans for awhile, but eventually would fall to the would-be state champions.  This will be the start of three real big tests for the Queensbury Spartans, as they face Amsterdam and Class AA's Columbia afterwards.

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk at Albany Academy: Last year at this juncture, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk and Albany Academy both entered the game undefeated.  Ravena's win kept them battling for the top spot in the Reinfurt, which later would be given to Lansingburgh in Week 6.  Albany Academy would go on to be the #3 seed and would go on to be shut out by the Glens Falls Indians in the Quarterfinals.

Lake George at Whitehall: It was a Friday night in October when the Whitehall Railroaders scored the first three touchdowns, and it was looking like it was going to be a rout.  However, the Lake George Warriors would fight back, taking the lead in the 3rd Quarter in one of the loudest crowds we have heard all regular season last season.

Week 5:
Queensbury at Amsterdam: Last year's match between the Queensbury Spartans and the Amsterdam Rugged Rams quickly turned into a classic, coming right down to the closing minutes before Amsterdam walked away the 34-26 winners.  This year's, conveniently located in the middle of the schedule, could have serious playoff seeding implications.

Fonda at Chatham: Chatham was the source of Fonda's only Class D South loss last year, when they were shut out 34-0.  Both teams would make it to the playoffs, where they would both find their run brought to an end by defending champs Hoosick Falls.  This game could go a long way towards deciding who takes Class C South's #1 seed.

Week 6:
Schenectady at Shaker: Last year, Schenectady's playoff run came to an end as their starting QB ran for the end zone and was brought out of bounds as the clock expired.  The officials ruled he did not cross the pylon for the touchdown, however, replays on the Time Warner Cable Sports broadcast showed contact between the QB and the pylon.  This allowed Shaker to move onto the championship game, where they would beat Shenendehowa before losing to New Rochelle in the final minute of the State Semifinals at Dietz Stadium.  With that being said, this game should be very interesting.

Amsterdam at Burnt Hills: A rematch of the 2012 Class A Super Bowl.  This late in the season, the #1 seed in the Northwest could be up for grabs for the winner to claim.

Glens Falls at Hudson Falls: The Jug Game.  Nothing more to say.

Cambridge at Rensselaer: Cambridge claimed the #1 seed in the final week of the season when they defeated the Rams in what was supposed to be a preview of the Class D Super Bowl, but the Indians failed to make it past the Salem Generals the following week.  With a 3-round playoff structure this year opposed to the 2-round (4 team) structure last year, this game may not mean as much for the two teams, but should still be a good game to watch.

Week 7:
Colonie at Shaker: What the Jug Game means for Hudson Falls/Glens Falls is the same as what the Colonie Cup means for Colonie/Shaker.

Albany Academy at Lansingburgh: Last year turned into a shootout that saw the two teams combine for 103 points, decided by only 3.  If both teams still play the same way, this should be a fun and high-scoring game to watch.  And perhaps top seeds for the Reinfurt could still be up for grabs.

Team-by-Team Schedules:
Games against Local Teams are in BOLD
(A) - Away.  (H) - Home
Dates are based on whether or not teams have lights on their field... teams with lights will almost always play Friday night games and those who do not will almost always play Saturday afternoon games.  Schedule Subject To Change.

Saratoga Springs Blue Streaks
9/6 - Albany (A)
9/13 - Ballston Spa (H)
9/20 - Colonie (A)
9/27 - CBA (A)
10/4 - Bethlehem (H)
10/11 - Shenendehowa (A)
10/18 - Guilderland (H)

Queensbury Spartans
9/7 - Troy (H)
9/14 - Bishop Maginn (H)
9/20 - South Glens Falls (A)
9/28 - Burnt Hills (H)
10/4 - Amsterdam (A)
10/11 - Columbia-AA (A)
10/19 - Gloversville (H)

South Glens Falls Bulldogs
9/6 - Bishop Maginn (A)
9/13 - Averill Park (H)
9/20 - Queensbury (H)
9/27 - Mohonasen (A)
10/4 - Burnt Hills (A)
10/11 - Gloversville (H) - may be moved to Saturday if South Glens Falls decides to do what they did last year and make last home game a Saturday Afternoon 1:30PM game.
10/18 - Amsterdam (A)

Hudson Falls Tigers
9/6 - Schuylerville (A)
9/13 - Cobleskill-Richmondville (A)
9/21 - Broadalbin (H)
9/28 - Scotia (H)
10/5 - Johnstown (H)
10/12 - Glens Falls (H)
10/18 - Schalmont (A)

Glens Falls Indians
9/7 - Schalmont (H)
9/13 - Schuylerville (A)
9/21 - Cobleskill-Richmondville (H)
9/27 - Johnstown (A)
10/5 - Broadalbin (H)
10/12 - Hudson Falls (A)
10/19 - Scotia (H)

Schuylerville Black Horses
9/6 - Hudson Falls (H)
9/13 - Glens Falls (H)
9/20 - Schalmont (H)
9/27 - Cobleskill-Richmondbille (A)
10/4 - Scotia (A)
10/11 - Broadalbin (H)
10/19 - Johnstown (A)

Corinth Tomahawks
9/6 - Coxsackie-Athens (A)
9/14 - Granville (A)
9/20 - Catholic Central (H)
9/27 - Stillwater (A)
10/4 - Tamarac (A)
10/11 - Mechanicville (H)
10/18 - Hoosick Falls (H)

Granville Golden Horde
9/6 - Stillwater (A)
9/14 - Corinth (H)
9/20 - Hoosick Falls (A)
9/28 - Mechanicville (H)
10/5 - Catholic Central (H)
10/11 - Voorheesville (A)
10/18 - Tamarac (A)

Fort Edward Flying Forts
9/7 - Bishop Gibbons (H)
9/13 - Rensselaer (A)
9/21 - Whitehall (H)
9/28 - Warrensburg (H)
10/5 - Salem (A)
10/11 - Lake George (H)
10/18 - Greenwich (A)

Greenwich Witches
9/6 - Cambridge (A)
9/13 - Schoburg (H)
9/20 - Lake George (A)
9/28 - Salem (A)
10/4 - Whitehall (H)
10/12 -Warrensburg (A)
10/18 - Fort Edward (H)

Lake George Warriors
9/6 - Rensselaer (A)
9/14 - Bishop Gibbons (A)
9/20 - Greenwich (H)
9/27 - Whitehall (A)
10/4 - Warrensburg (H)
10/12 - Fort Edward (A)
10/19 - Salem (H)

Salem Generals
9/7 - Schoburgh (H)
9/13 - Hoosic Valley (A)
9/20 - Warrensburg (A)
9/28 - Greenwich (H)
10/5 - Fort Edward (H)
10/12 - Whitehall (A)
10/19 - Lake George (A)

Warrensburg Burghers
9/7 - Canajoharie (H)
9/13 - Cambridge (A)
9/21 - Salem (H)
9/28 - Fort Edward (A)
10/4 - Lake George (A)
10/12 - Greenwich (H)
10/19 - Whitehall (H)

Whitehall Railroaders
9/6 - Hoosic Valley (H)
9/13 - Canajoharie (A)
9/21 - Fort Edward (A)
9/27 - Lake George (H)
10/4 - Greenwich (A)
10/11 - Salem (H)

10/19 - Warrensburg (A)