Saturday, November 30, 2013

Queensbury 36, Williamsville North 7

What a ride.

For those who made the 3 hour trek to Central New York, they were able to see quite the defensive game with the Queensbury Spartans making the plays they needed to keep the Williamsville North Spartans at bay, winning the Class A State Title by a score of 36-7.

We'll have more on this game, including press box reflections as the day progresses.  Plus we'll also have some of the highlights of the game as well.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Plays of the Year

In case you weren't able to hear this during our pregame show, here is our 2013 Plays of the Year during the fall Football Season, brought to you by Jerry Brown's Auto Parts.

Not every call could make the list.  That's because we weren't preserving throughout the entire season.  But we tried to give you a little of everything that has happened during this run that has brought us to Syracuse.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our full interview with Williamsville North's Mike Mammoliti

Here's Williamsville North Spartans head coach Mike Mammoliti, talking about his team as they have turned their first ever trip to the NYSPHSAA tournament into a trip to the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.

Like with the John Irion interview, we had to edit some points of this interview due to time constraints.

We have one more interview to share with you, the interview we did with Queensbury Quarterback, Aiden Switzer.  However, that will air in its entirety and will show up on the internet for you to listen to after we play it during our halftime show during the Class A Championship on Friday.

NFL Week 13 Local Viewer's Guide and Picks

DISCLAIMER: 1230 FOX Sports Radio's picks are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used for gambling purposes.  ESPECIALLY given how the two times we've posted picks on this blog they've bombed big time.

Network Information to the right of the game.
My picks in Yellow

Thursday Football
Green Bay at Detroit - 12:30PM - WXXA FOX 23 (Cable Ch. 7)
Oakland at Dallas - 4:30PM - WRGB CBS 6
Pittsburgh at Baltimore - 8:30PM - WNYT NewsChannel 13

Early Games

New England at Houston
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Arizona at Philadelphia
Miami at NY Jets - WRGB CBS 6
Chicago at Minnesota
Tennessee at Indianapolis
Jacksonville at Cleveland

Late Games
St. Louis at San Francisco
Atlanta vs. Buffalo (in Toronto) - WXXA FOX 23 (Cable Ch. 7), Radio coverage on 1230 FOX Sports Radio WMML
Cincinnati at San Diego
Denver at Kansas City - WRGB CBS 6

Sunday Night Football
NY Giants at Washington - WNYT NewsChannel 13

Monday Night Football
New Orleans at Seattle - ESPN

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our full interview with Queensbury head coach John Irion

We visited the head coach of the Queensbury Spartans, John Irion, as he prepares his team for the NYS Class A Football Championship against Williamsville North.

We had to edit down the interview for our on-air broadcast due to time constraints, but for your pleasure, here's the full 6:21 interview.
  Tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Day, we'll post our full interview with Williamsville North's head coach Mike Mammoliti.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brendan Harris wishes Queensbury Football success

This afternoon, I received a direct message from Twitter.

It was from Brendan Harris, 1998 graduate from Queensbury High, who last year played for the Los Angeles Angels and then played for the New York Yankees top affiliate in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.

I was hoping that Mr. Harris would say a few words of support for the Spartans, and today he delivered the following:
"I've been following your great run. Keep it on the ground, do what got you there. Best of luck, enjoy the moment and bring home the state title"

Monday, November 25, 2013

Things you should know for Syracuse

Heading to Syracuse on Friday to see the Queensbury Spartans play?
Well, first, let's get you acquainted with the route to the Carrier Dome.
There are many routes you can take to get to Syracuse, but the one we took last year and is one of the recommended paths you can take is as follows:
  • Interstate 87 SOUTH to EXIT 15, NY 50 NY 29, Schuylerville/Saratoga Springs.  
  • Bear Right at the exit ramp onto Route 50 SOUTH (Saratoga Springs).
  • Proceed on Route 50 (and eventually Route 9) South about 2 miles until you reach Broadway at the four way traffic signal.
  • Continue straight when Routes 9 and 50 goes to the left into Downtown Saratoga Springs, heading towards Route 9N.
  • After passing the hospital, take a left onto West St, passing by the Train Station.
  • Take a right turn onto Route 29 West and continue about 20 miles West until you reach Route 30A in Johnstown.
  • Take a left, following Routes 29 and 30A.  When Route 29 turns right, continue on Route 30A South towards Fonda.
  • Follow Route 30A as it turns onto Route 5, then take a right, following signs for the New York State Thruway.  After crossing the bridge, take a left to head to the Thruway entrance.
  • Enter the Thruway, and proceed onto I-90 West towards Buffalo.
  • Take the Thruway to EXIT 36, I-81 Watertown/Binghamton
  • Exit the Thruway, pay toll ($4.75) and take I-81 SOUTH towards Syracuse/Binghamton
  • After merging onto I-81, look for EXIT 18 HARRISON ST/ADAMS ST, which is just after the massive exits with I-690.  Keep left after exiting to head towards ADAMS ST.  You will be driving underneath I-81 for about a 1/2 mile.  At ADAMS ST., take a left and start looking for signs for the Carrier Dome. 
  • A sign will be pointing you to turn RIGHT at IRVING ST.  Do so and continue for about 1/2 mile.  You will see the Carrier Dome on your left, parking will be on your right. 
In a nutshell:
  • ENTER the NY Thruway at EXIT 28, and take I-90 WEST to EXIT 36 ($4.75)
  • Take I-81 SOUTH to EXIT 18.  Keep left for ADAMS ST.
  • Take left at ADAMS ST.
  • Take right at IRVING ST. 
In addition to these directions, you can take I-87 SOUTH to Exit 12, and take NY Route 67 to Amsterdam, where you will enter the Thruway at EXIT 27.  Take I-90 WEST and follow above directions to Syracuse. [Toll: $5.15]
Or, you can take I-87 to I-90 WEST in Albany by entering at the EXIT 24 toll booth, then follow the above directions to Syracuse.  This requires less turning, but will cost the most [Toll: $6.35]

When you head home, you can save yourself 30 cents and by taking I-690 EAST to I-481 NORTH to I-90 EAST, entering the Thruway at EXIT 34A.  [Toll: to Exit 28 $4.45; 27 $4.85; 24 $6.05].  THIS IS NOT AN OPTION FOR HEADING TO SYRACUSE, AS EXIT 18 COMES BEFORE I-690 MERGES WITH I-81 SOUTH
PARKING - $10, paid upon entry to lot.
ADMISSION - $10 per person.  Ticket includes admittance to the Class D game at 12:00 noon.
  • The Class D game between Randolph and Chester is scheduled for 12:00 noon.  When the game is completed, they hand out awards to both teams, similar to how things were done following the Semifinal games at Kingston.  Only after all that is completed will a 30 minute warm-up period begin for the Class A game.  So the game may be advertised for 3:00 p.m., but could start a few minutes later than that if the earlier game runs long.
  • The Queensbury Spartans will be considered the home team for the game on Friday.  Therefore the Spartans will be wearing their home Blues.
  • From Queensbury, it will take approximately THREE HOURS to get to SYRACUSE.  Take that into consideration when planning your trip on Friday.
Have a safe trip and let's show a great support for the Queensbury Spartans on Friday!
And if you can't get to Syracuse, remember we'll have the broadcast live on 1230 FOX Sports Radio beginning at 2:45PM.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

NFL Week 12: Your local viewing guide and picks

Thurs. Nov. 21
New Orleans 17, Atlanta 13

Our picks are listed in Yellow

1PM Games
New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens - WRGB CBS-6
Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins - WXXA FOX-23 (Cable Ch. 7)
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers
San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans

4PM Games
Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants - WXXA FOX-23 (Cable Ch. 7)
Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders
Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals

Sunday Night Football
Denver Broncos at New England Patriots - WNYT NewsChannel 13

Monday Night Football
San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins - ESPN

Be sure to keep up with today's games with the FOX Sports Blitz, airing from 1PM to 7PM on 1230 FOX Sports Radio!

Queensbury 36, Cornwall 27 - Reflections from the Press Box

Queensbury's going to the Carrier Dome.

But should they have?

You see, Cornwall was playing even with Queensbury through the 1st and 2nd Quarter.  In fact, the two teams scored on the game's first four drives.  The Green Dragons were driving, getting into Queensbury territory, when disaster struck.

Mike White, who entered the game with nearly 2,400 passing yards and over 20 touchdowns to his credit during the course of the season, dislocated his elbow and had to leave the game after a scrum with the Queensbury defense.

Jason Bailey, who has logged limited snaps during the course of the season, came in as the Sophomore Quarterback.  Two nervous incomplete throws later, the Green Dragons had to punt the ball.

Although the following Queensbury drive came away with no points, you have to think some of the tide had changed once White left the game.

But I wouldn't call that the turning point of the game.  It was huge, but there was another play that was bigger than that.

Following the halftime break, Jason Bailey returned to call the signals for the Green Dragons.  But like with Mike White, the Queensbury defense was struggling against the 5 receiver set.  This, coupled with several on-target screen passes, allowed Jason Bailey to get comfortable in his role, and started rattling off completion after completion.

His work would pay off when Tyler Peddie took the direct snap and ran it in for the touchdown.  The two point conversion would give the Green Dragons the 21-20 lead.

He would continue to move the ball well, getting back into the Red Zone following a Queensbury touchdown, and handed the ball to Moiset Santos who ran it in for the touchdown with 3 minutes left, closing the gap to 28-27.  However, Coach Marcus Hughes was content in going for the lead.  It was a gamble that had a lot of risk, but huge reward if it was successful.

Jason Bailey took the snap, looked to his right, and fired it to Matt Robinson, but he was unable to get the ball as Mitchell Crispins batted it away to preserve the Queensbury lead.

That was the turning point of the game, as with three minutes left, the Spartans could effectively use the run to chew down clock.  With only one timeout in their pocket, a three-and-out would give the Green Dragons about 90 seconds max to execute a game-winning drive.

It would never come to that, as Kody Bruno's run through the line found the opening he needed to reach the end zone, and Brett Rodriguez's two point conversion made it a two-possession game.

Cornwall would drive one last time, but fell short of the end zone.  And the crowd on the far sideline, who made the trek from one Exit 19 to the other Exit 19, celebrated the 36-27 win.

But going back to the early question... should they have?

While you never know how the game would have played out had Mike White stayed in, you have to figure it would have mostly resembled what we saw from Jason Bailey.  The kid was phoenominal in relief, throwing for over 140 yards in a game that would have unrattled most other QB's entering in a pressure situation. The one thing we do know, is that with Jason Bailey in the helm for the next two years, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Cornwall back at Dietz in the years to come.

The one surprise we saw in the game was the underutilization of Chris Bauer, who was the leading reception wide-out for the Cornwall Green Dragons.

Regardless of the events that transpired, it was a great semifinal game, and like the Class A Super Bowl now two weeks ago, there deserved not to be a loser.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

NYSPHSAA Football Championship

Well, for the second time in as many years, we're heading to Exit 36 of the New York State Thruway.

We'll be in Syracuse on Black Friday, November 29th, as the Queensbury Spartans will try to do what their equals in 1997 and 1998 couldn't do - claim the state championships.

But Williamsville North is an interesting team.  First, you have to congratulate the Spartans of Section 6 for their success this year.  Especially considering the following:
  • Last year, the Spartans went 3-9
  • Entering the Section 6 title game, they were 6-3 and facing a team that has rattled off 69 straight wins against Section 6 opponents.  And ... oh, yeah, they were the runners-up to Burnt Hills last year.
  • They had never played in the NYSPHSAA Tournament prior to this year.  In fact, they had never played in the Section 6 Championship game prior to this year.
All those things make for a magical season.  But you'd have to admit the Queensbury Spartans are on a magical run of their own, beating last year's state champions twice.

And that's what will make an interesting matchup on Friday.  Can the Queensbury Spartans finally claim the first state title in football in the Tri-County?

Find out Friday beginning at 2:45PM on 1230 FOX Sports Radio.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 11's State Quarterfinal Scoreboard

Trying to keep up-to-date with what's going on in the various State Quarterfinal games taking place this weekend.

Keep refreshing for the latest updates
Last Updated: 11:20PM

Class AA
2-CBA (Albany) (9-2) 25, 9-Monroe-Woodbury (11-0) 32 - FINAL
1-White Plains (9-1), bye
3-CBA (Syracuse) (10-1) 18, 4-Elmira (10-0) 24 - FINAL
5-Aquinas Institute (11-0) 48, 6-Jamestown (10-1) 34 - FINAL

State Semifinals:
9-Monroe-Woodbury (11-0) vs. 1-White Plains (9-1) - Saturday, 7PM at Dietz Stadium, Kingston
4-Elmira vs. 5-Aquinas Institute - Saturday, 6PM at Sahlen's Stadium, Rochester

Class A
10-Massena (7-3) 0, 2-Queensbury (11-0) 42 - FINAL
1-Somers (9-2) 7, 9-Cornwall (10-1) 34 - FINAL
3-Carthage (9-2) 7, 4-Union-Endicott (8-3) 43 - FINAL
6-Williamsville North (8-3) 23, 5-Eastridge (9-2) 20 - FINAL

State Semifinals:
2-Queensbury (11-0) vs. 9-Cornwall (10-1) - Friday, 8PM at Dietz Stadium, Kingston
4-Union-Endicott (8-3) vs. 6-Williamsville North (8-3) - Friday, 8PM at Sahlen's Stadium, Rochester

Class B
2-Schalmont (11-0) 60, 7-Beekmantown (6-5) 6 - FINAL
9-Marlboro (11-0) 23, 1-Pleasantville (8-2) 14 - FINAL
3-Cazenovia (10-1) 34, 4-Maine-Endwell (11-0) 35 - FINAL
6-Depew (9-2) 29, 5-Geneva (9-2) 9 - FINAL

State Semifinals:
2-Schalmont (11-0) vs. 9-Marlboro (11-0) - Saturday, 3PM at Dietz Stadium, Kingston.
4-Maine-Endwell (11-0) vs. 6-Depew (9-2) - Saturday, 3PM at Sahlen's Stadium, Rochester.

Class C
10-Ogdensburg Free Academy (9-2) 6, 2-Hoosick Falls (11-0) 27 - FINAL
1-Rye Neck (10-0) 47, 9-Burke Catholic (9-2) 6 - FINAL
3-General Brown (9-2) 18, 4-Chenango Forks (10-1) 35 - FINAL
6-Cleveland Hill (11-0) 46, 5-Wayland-Cohocton (9-2) 20 - FINAL

State Semifinals:
2-Hoosick Falls (11-0) vs. 1-Rye Neck (10-0) - Saturday, 11AM at Dietz Stadium, Kingston.
4-Chenango Forks (10-1) vs. 6-Cleveland Hill (10-0) - Saturday, Noon at Sahlen's Stadium, Rochester.

Class D
2-Cambridge (10-1) 32,  7-Moriah (7-4) 34 - FINAL
9-Chester (9-1) 26, 1-Tuckahoe (5-5) 21 - FINAL
3-Herkimer (9-2) 13, 4-Tioga (11-0) 43 - FINAL
6-Randolph (11-0) 49, 5-Red Jacket (9-2) 0 - FINAL

State Semifinals:
7-Moriah (7-4) vs. 9-Chester (9-1) - Friday, 4PM at Dietz Stadium, Kingston.
6-Randolph (11-0) vs. 4-Tioga (11-0) - Friday, 5PM at Sahlen's Stadium, Rochester.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Queensbury Meanderings: #1 in Class A poll, Game preparations for Saturday

Queensbury's win over Burnt Hills, coupled with the loss by Sweet Home out in Section 6 (Western New York), has yielded the Spartans the #1 rank in Class A, the New York State Sportswriters Association poll revealed today.

For Queensbury, it's the first appearance in the top spot of the poll this season, which has been occupied by Burnt Hills and Sweet Home during the duration of the season.
It's official!  1230 FOX Sports Radio will be live this Saturday as the Queensbury Spartans take on the Massena Red Raiders in the Class A State Regionals.  Our broadcast will begin with the pregame show live from Shenendehowa at 6:45PM.

High School Football on 1230 FOX Sports Radio is sponsored by Jerry Brown's Auto Parts, located on Lower Warren Street in Queensbury and online 24/7 at  Jerry Brown's Auto Parts, if they're not saving you money, they're not doing their job.
On Thursday, 1230 FOX Sports Radio will travel to Glens Falls to interview Coach Irion as the Spartans practice on the FieldTurf surface at Glens Falls High School in preparation of Saturday's game.

The interview with Coach Irion will mark his 6th appearance on the pregame show.  As a tribute to Coach Irion, we will post his interviews week-by-week in a future posting should the Spartans move on.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 11 Schedule

We put a lot of information up on our Twitter account (@WMML1230), but it can get lost in the sea of information that gets sent there.  Especially on Sundays when we try to keep up with the Buffalo Bills and on Adirondack Phantoms hockey nights.

So, to help spread the word better, here's the upcoming schedule for Section 2's Regional Games.  Included are directions to the venues.

CBA Brothers (9-1) vs. Monroe-Woodbury Crusaders (10-0) - Saturday, 7PM at Dietz Stadium, Kingston
(Exit 19 off the NYS Thruway, take second exit in the traffic circle and proceed about 1 mile, stadium on the right at the intersection of Washington Avenue and North Front Street)
Last Meeting: 2006.  Monroe-Woodbury won 21-0

Massena Red Raiders (7-2) vs. Queensbury Spartans (10-0) - Saturday, 7PM at Shenendehowa High School, Clifton Park
(Exit 9W [9 if you're travelling north] off I-87, take NY Route 146 West about 1 Mile.  Steuwerald Field is on your left, first traffic signal after passing a State Police station, then take a right about a quarter mile into the campus)
Last Meeting: First Meeting.  Massena is 1-3 against Section 2 schools

Schalmont Sabres (10-0) vs. Beekmantown Eagles (6-4) - Saturday, 1PM at AuSable Valley Central School, Clintonville
(Exit 34 off I-87, take NY Route 9N South about 5 Miles, school on your right)
Last Meeting: 2009.  Schalmont won 34-20.

Ogdensburg Free Academy (9-1) vs. Hoosick Falls Panthers (10-0) - Friday, 7PM at Stillwater Central School, Stillwater
(Exit 12 off I-87, take NY Route 67 East about 8 miles until you meet US Route 4 and NY Route 32 in Mechanicville.  Take US Route 4 and NY Route 32 north about 3 miles into Stillwater.  School on your right)
Last Meeting: 2009.  Hoosick Falls won 51-6.

Cambridge Indians (10-0) vs. Moriah Vikings (6-4) - Friday, 7PM at AuSable Valley Central School, Clintonville
(Exit 34 off I-87, take NY Route 9N South about 5 Miles, school on your right)
Last Meeting: 2010.  Moriah won 14-6.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 10: Queensbury 14, Burnt Hills 7

This post is a reflection from the press box, and not a total recap of the game... Thoughts are that of the author himself.


18 hours after the play, I'm still stunned.

The Queensbury Spartans had a hard time figuring out how to beat the Burnt Hills Spartans.  Their lone score was defensive, when Christopher Johnson picked up a fumble deep in Queensbury territory, and ran it back 90 yards for the score.

Queensbury was able to get some offense, but once the ball crossed midfield, the Burnt Hills defense clamped down and stopped any progression of the Queensbury running backs.

Aiden Switzer threw.  But it was more trying to break things to open the run.  Brett Rodriguez threw, twice after the first try was called back for holding.

But then the final 4 minutes occurred.

Finally, holes that the Burnt Hills Spartans clogged up opened up.  Queensbury was finding openings.  Runs started adding up.  But Queensbury still had to find the end zone ... they have not once tried a field goal this season and if Queensbury has a field goal kicker, John Irion's keeping it a good secret.

Then came Kody Bruno's 21 yard run with 1:18 left.  He ran to the left, encountered three defenders and faked them out and got them to bite enough that he was able to leap for the pylon for the score.

The Burnt Hills side closest to the press box, stunned.  The Queensbury side, on the Route 146 side of the stadium, roaring loudly.

The play gave the Queensbury Spartans their third Sectional Title, and the first since 1998.  It gave John Irion his third 10-win season in his 17 years of coaching the Spartans, with the first two ending in trips to the Carrier Dome.

Also, the win should give the Queensbury Spartans the top spot of Class A when the New York State Sportswriters Association rankings are unveiled Tuesday afternoon.  Sweet Home, the state's runner-up to Burnt Hills last year, was ranked #1 until they fell to Williamsville-North 21-12 in the Section 6 final Friday night.

Who knows how far this ride will take us.  Last year we had no idea that Glens Falls was going to power their way into the state tournament.  The same this year.  You never know.  But we'll be along for the ride however far Queensbury takes us.

Which means several more trips to Queensbury High School to interview John Irion.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


It would have been nice to piece together a 30 minute preview for this weekend's quintet of Super Bowl games here in Section 2, but unfortunately, time coupled with a studio that broke this week resulted in a preview that was written down, but never voiced.

No problem.  These notes will be put to good use when we broadcast our second Super Bowl in as many years as the Burnt Hills Spartans and the Queensbury Spartans duke it out for the Class A title Saturday night at 7PM (Broadcast: 6:45PM).

Two games are in the books, with one game being a lot closer than I anticipated, and one being a lot further away than thought.

CLASS AA: CBA Brothers [Albany] (9-1) 13, Shaker Blue Bison (8-2) 8
CBA wins their third Super Bowl in school history with their 13-8 victory over last year's champ, the Shaker Blue Bison.

Joe Kolbe was the player of the game, contributing in both of CBA's touchdowns, as he found Ryan O'Hagan for a 70 yard score to get the scoring started, and then entered the end zone himself in the 2nd Quarter to give the Brothers the lead for good.

It's CBA's first title since 2006, when they defeated Colonie 18-0 for the title.  The Brothers, after a Regional bye, lost to Monroe-Woodbury 21-0 in the only state tournament game the Brothers played in school history (remember, the state tournament has only existed for 20 years).

CBA's next opponent is either Monroe-Woodbury or Newburgh Free Academy.  The two teams will face in the Section 9 Class AA Championship on Saturday night.  That winner will host CBA at Dietz Stadium in Kingston next Saturday, November 16th at 7PM.

CLASS C: Hoosick Falls Panthers (10-0) 21, Chatham Panthers (9-1) 8
The Hoosick Falls Panthers are winners of 50 straight Section 2 games, winners of 5 straight Section 2 titles, and winners of their 26th Section 2 postseason game as they beat the Chatham Panthers 21-8.

Hoosick Falls took advantage of turnovers, scoring on two of Chatham's miscues to propel them back into the state tournament.

Hoosick Falls will play Section 10's Ogdensburg Free Academy, who beat Saranac Lake 27-19.  The two teams will play at Stillwater Central School next Friday, November 15th at 7PM.

Two games down, three more to be played.  Super Bowl Weekend continues on Saturday as three more sectional titles are up for grabs.

CLASS D: Cambridge Indians (9-0) vs. Rensselaer Rams (8-1) - 1:00PM at Schuylerville Junior-Senior High School

A rematch of Week 6 is on the agenda when the Indians and the Rams meet under the sunlight at Schuylerville Junior-Senior High School on Saturday.

But it will be a different story this time, as the Rams will have Steven Harwood back.  Harwood played only the first quarter in the first meeting between the two teams before leaving with an injury.

Harwood is a major contributor to the Rams offense, scoring 13 touchdowns on the ground and 20 touchdowns through the air.  His 1,400 passing yards is the best of the remaining quarterbacks in Section 2, and a major reason why Rensselaer trumps most high school programs in the state with a well-balanced run/pass attack, with more passing yards than running yards.

But Cambridge has Ethan English on their side.  English has thrown for over 700 yards, including 151 yards against the Rams back in Week 6.  Caleb Roland and Christopher Warnke will both be players to watch on the ground, helping fuel the Indians offense as they combine for 30 touchdowns.

The winner of this game will travel north to face the Moriah Vikings.  The Section 7 champion shocked the northern tier with their 6-0 win over the Ticonderoga Sentinels, and took care of Tupper Lake to earn the right to play the Section 2 champion up at AuSable Valley next Friday night.

CLASS B: Broadalbin-Perth Patriots (8-1) vs. Schalmont Sabres (9-0) - 3:00PM at Shenendehowa High School

Schalmont's M.O. this season has been to strike early and often.  And keep the opposition from scoring.  It's been a path for success for the Sabres, even in games where Devon Willis was sidelined either due to illness or injury.

However, the team they scored the fewest against is the team that will be facing them in the Class B Super Bowl.

The Broadalbin-Perth Patriots allowed 21 points in their Week 4 loss to Schalmont, but those 21 was the fewest allowed by any team who had to feel the brunt of the Sabres.  Plus, the Patriots remember what happened to Schalmont last year.

It's a recipe that could play into the Patriots favor, who are playing in their first Super Bowl in school history.

Zach Morreale calls the signals for the Patriots, with several options.  Andre Taylor, Darius Reyes and Luigi Magliocca are just a few of the options.  No player on the Patriots team shouts "Sectional Leader" on the stats sheet, but as a team, they contribute for wins.  And the defense has come up big for the Patriots, seizing control in their semifinal against the Cohoes Tigers thanks to interceptions.

But will it be enough to overcome Nick Gallo, Devon Willis and the rest of the Schalmont Sabres?  No team has put up more than 8 points against the Sabres, allowing only 24 points all season long.  It's a big reason why they have reassured themselves as the team to beat in Class B.  With a 2:1 run-to-pass ratio, the Sabres will make sure defenses keep having to guess what the Sabres will throw at them next.

And Schalmont remembers.  It's all they've been hearing about the past 53 weeks.

CLASS A: Queensbury Spartans (9-0) vs. Burnt Hills Spartans (8-1) - 7:00PM at Shenendehowa High School

In a way, you have to think Queensbury feels like Glens Falls of last year.

They may have the better record, and are better ranked in the state, but it's the Burnt Hills Spartans who many are picking to win the final Super Bowl match of the year.

A lot of that comes down to how the first meeting ended.

A missed extra point turned what could have been overtime for the two teams into a Queensbury win, surviving a 14 point deficit against what was the #1 team in the state at that time and winning 28-27.  Head coach John Irion noted that when Burnt Hills scored the touchdown, his plan turned into what they were going to do in the overtime session.

Yet, it never happened.  Queensbury used that game to propel them into the #1 seed, which came up huge last week as Queensbury used their home advantage last week against the Amsterdam Rugged Rams, putting a season-high 59 points on the board and were comfortably able to swap out their starters for backups in the 4th Quarter.  Burnt Hills, on the other hand, had to travel to Troy and play a full 48 minute game, surviving a surge by the Flying Horses in their 24-19 win.

Burnt Hills has a strong run attack, but they help aid it with a passing game.  Josh Quesada will be a marked man by the Queensbury defense, accounting for 22 trips to the end zone for the B-Spartans.  Daniel Maynard has become more of a runner as the season progressed, chewing up 135 yards on the ground last week against Troy.  Maynard's transition to a runner comes thanks to John Clayton's growth as a quarterback.  Clayton's first varsity game came against Queensbury, and it's safe to say that Clayton has developed since that game.

Queensbury stopped the run attack of Burnt Hills in the first meeting, but might need to watch Clayton's arm in this game.  Queensbury has a strong defense, coming up big when they needed a stop, but has also been open to short pass gains, especially in hurry-up situations.

Queensbury's offense is heavy on the run.  The run outgains their pass by a 24:1 ratio, offering teams little surprise to what the Spartans will do on offense.  However, what usually makes things difficult for the opposition is knowing who will carry the ball.  Queensbury works in the double-wing, and regularly executes double hand-offs before pushing through the line into the secondary.  If that wasn't enough, the Spartans also have 6 regular ball carriers.  Brett Rodriguez will see some carries, but too will Kody Bruno, Phil Wettersten, Kalen Minot, Tim Voorhis and Chris Goudy.  The many back options is a big reason why the Spartans do not have a player over 1,000 yards.

This game could easily turn into a shootout.  But it could also turn into one of the legendary games that gets included in The Post Star's list compiled by Pete Tobey.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week 9: Sectional Semifinal Saturday (updated w/finals)

Good Day!

The sun's shining, for now, as clouds may be rolling in from the northwest with some passing showers.  But it's another football Saturday in the Section, as 12 teams battle for 6 spots in next week's Super Bowl.

Refresh this post throughout the day as we'll try to keep you updated as much as possible on the games being played on this Sectional Semifinal Saturday.  Updates may be limited during the afternoon while we're live at the Amsterdam/Queensbury game, however.

To the right of each game are Twitter handles that you can follow for updates.

TV & Radio Coverage:
- Amsterdam at Queensbury - WMML-1230, WWSC-1450
- Broadalbin-Perth at Cohoes - Time Warner Cable SportsChannel (Ch 50), WENT-1340 Gloversville (delayed broadcast, airs at 7PM)
- Fonda-Fultonville at Hoosick Falls - WENT-1340 Gloversville (live)

Class A:
NW3-Amsterdam Rugged Rams 26, NW1-Queensbury Spartans 59 - @PSVarsityLaura, @WMML1230

Championship: NW2-Burnt Hills vs. NW1-Queensbury - 7PM Saturday @ Shenendehowa

Class B:
W2-Broadalbin-Perth Patriots 41, R1-Cohoes Tigers 32 - @TUsidelines

Championship: W2-Broadalbin-Perth vs. W1-Shalmont - 3PM Saturday @ Shenendehowa

Class C:
Both games at Stillwater Central School
S2-Fonda-Fultonville Braves 0, N1-Hoosick Falls Panthers 36 - @Banner_Sports
N2-Corinth Tomahawks 6, S1-Chatham Panthers 52 

Championship: N1-Hoosick Falls vs. S1-Chatham - 7PM Friday @ Stillwater

Class D:
Both games at Schulyerville Junior-Senior High School
N2-Salem Generals 24, S1-Cambridge Indians 58
S2-Rensselaer Rams 42, N1-Greenwich Witches 34

Championship: S2-Rensselaer vs. S1-Cambridge - 1PM Saturday @ Schuylerville

Friday, November 1, 2013

Week 9 Games: Friday Night Edition

As time permits, follow tonight's High School Football games by refreshing this blog entry.

CLASS AA Semifinals:
Guilderland 7, CBA 28, FINAL - @LianaBovita
Saratoga Springs 0, Shaker 35,  FINAL - @davidmichael10

Class AA Championship: CBA vs. Shaker - Friday 11/8 at 7PM from Bob Ford Field, UAlbany

CLASS A Semifinals:
Burnt Hills 24, Troy 19, FINAL - @LauraAmato

Class A Championship: Burnt Hills vs. Amsterdam/Queensbury - Saturday 11/9 at 7PM from Shenendehowa

CLASS B Semifinals:
Ravena 8, Schalmont 35, FINAL - @MikeCioffi1

Class B Championship: Schalmont vs. Broadalbin-Perth/Cohoes - Saturday 11/9 at 3PM from Shenendehowa

High School Week 9 Preview

Got 30 minutes to kill?  Listen to our preview of this weekend's Sectional Semifinal games.
And don't forget 1230 FOX Sports Radio will be live at Queensbury High School on Saturday as the Spartans take on the Amsterdam Rugged Rams.  Pregame airs at 2:15PM.

The preview is after the jump